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What is Ershad?

It is a nutritional program consisting of 6-8 consecutive sessions designed to help you maintain a healthy body and achieve an appropriate weight. This program equips you with comprehensive knowledge about healthy food, addresses your body’s nutritional needs, and teaches you how to balance your food intake for better health, increased energy, and enhanced self-confidence.

The program aims to offer tailored nutritional guidance, providing detailed information about your body's nature and how to best address its nutritional requirements. Through a personalized nutritional program, it endeavors to help you build a healthy relationship with food.

What do I benefit from?

What do I benefit from?

  • Achieve your goals, whether it's weight loss or gain, preventing or treating health problems, ensuring a healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, or providing nutritious meals for your children.
  • Develop healthy eating habits through guided learning.
  • Explore different methods to prevent chronic diseases.
  • Gain control over your appetite.
  • Boost your activity levels and energy.
  • Liberate yourself from emotional eating or eating disorders.
  • Eliminate misconceptions and myths about foods and diets.
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with food, free from fear or deprivation.


Medical History

Include details about your medical history and your present health condition.


Evaluate your nutritional knowledge and rectify it through awareness sessions.

Diet Plan

Receive a customized diet plan tailored to your specific needs.

Latest nutritional information

Supplying you with up-to-date nutritional information on topics such as obesity, thinness, how the body responds to hunger, appetite, anxiety, stress, sleep, various psychological conditions, taste, hormonal changes, chronic diseases, some medications, and more.

Appropriate Solutions

Providing suitable solutions and effective methods to achieve a healthy weight and ensure a proper dietary pattern.




$50 / month

  • 1 session
  • Session duration 30 minutes
  • Tailored diet plan
  • Quick follow up
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الباقة الفضية

$85 / month

  • 2 sessions
  • Session duration 30 minutes
  • Tailored diet plan
  • 2 Quick follow ups
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$160 / شهر

  • 4 sessions
  • Session duration 30 minutes
  • Tailored diet plan
  • Daily follow up
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